About Us.

Our restaurant is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful Italian Cuisine.

LA MENSA. Mission is to be a full service Italian restaurant offering affordable, high quality Italian cuisine inspired by authentic regional recipes. Our goal is to provide our customers with an entire dining experience that exceed’s their expectations on every visit with quality and quick service.

The company objective is to establish superior dining facilities in your location that offer high quality dining experiences in a friendly relaxed environment at an affordable price that represents excellent value for money. Total customer satisfaction is our aim.

To achieve these objectives, chefs are recruited from
the reputed Italian restaurants in Dubai, staff are trained to a high level to provide world class customer service.

Our style of Dining Concept is to efficiently produce high quality cuisine with quick service by following our routines for preparation of dishes and innovative serving plan for our customers.
By sticking to our commitments like:
• To conceive, create and maintain products and services of  genuine quality
• To offer our products and services at a value-for-money
price point
• To motivate and support members of our team at all times.
• To continuously grow
• To inspire our customers and partnered chefs.


Our Chefs


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